Interview on Low Calorie Sweeteners

Medscape's Mark Harmel, MPH, CDE states, "The current dietary guidelines highlight the fact that there is too much added sugars in our food, and statistics show that Americans are consuming too much added sugars. So is there a place for low-calorie sweeteners as a substitute for added sugars." He asks but are low calorie sweeteners safe?

Hope says there is a body of evidence that points to the safety of low calorie sweeteners despite the drum-beat of warnings that have come from some media sources. 

With the increased push to address obesity by cutting back on sugar in drinks, many public health advocates suggest moving straight to water. And while Ms. Warshaw agrees water is a good drink of choice, she also thinks there is a role for diet sodas in our diet."

Hope walks through current thinking on low calorie sweetners and diabetes in this 4 minute Medscape video: